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Lend a Paw to Those In Need

The unprecedented worldwide pandemic has caused financial difficulties for businesses and people alike in many cities and towns around the country. Maricopa County is no different and is facing a housing crisis as thousands of people and their pets are in danger of eviction and being displaced from their homes. You can help make this heart-wrenching situation better by adopting or providing a temporary foster home to a beloved four-legged family member.

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I Want to Provide Temporary Foster for a Pet

Looking to help a pet in need of a temporary home? Our foster network directly connects pet owners who are seeking temporary housing for their pet with individuals who can open up their homes and hearts to provide short-term care until the pet can be reunited with its family.

Search our database of pets available to foster through our Home to Home network to get started.

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Are you ready for a new best friend? Search our Home to Home network of pets in need of new homes and find your perfect match. 

I Want to Help In Other Ways

More Ways to Assist

If you are unable to foster or adopt a displaced pet, but would like to help in other ways, please contact our partner organizations to see how you may be able to assist.

Altered Tails
Arizona Animal Welfare League
Arizona Humane Society
Arizona Pet Project
Heidi’s Village
Lost Our Home
Maricopa County Animal Care & Control